China Future Sound

China Future Sound’s Marine LED grilles perfectly accompany our Pro Driver marine speaker series and MRW8 marine subwoofer. Features include 20 static color options, 22 dynamic color modes, adjustable speed and brightness, individual color select, and a multi-functional slim RF remote. Easy remote pairing allows multiple grille units to be run and controlled simultaneously from one remote. Whether the application is one pair of Pro Drivers on a motorcycle or a row of speakers on the wake tower, these CFS audio LED grilles will make heads turn.

Marine Grilles

GR-6M | 6.5"20 color LED Marine Grille/Remote

Marine Grilles

GR-8M | 8"20 color LED Marine Grille/Remote

Marine Grilles

WGR-8M | 8" Grille Marine Subwoofer Grille


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